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Oh dear, where to the days go? Has it been a week already since my last lot of mutterings?  Apparently it is!

Boy do I feel yukky today.  Big Night last night… Rolled home at 2am and hubby poured me into bed.  Woke up this morning still intoxicated and had to be driven to the class.  Which was great and I lost 600 grams!!!!  Yayyyy!  Still, I think I may be celebrating a little too soon as the loss is probably due to dehydration caused by drinking too much last night. 😦

Oh no wonder they call it the “Silly Season” – with all the functions and parties going on.  It’s hard at this time of the year to not overindulge, but I am making a go of it.  The recipe today was a delicious Brandied Nut and Fruit Log done with filo.  It will be great for around Christmas time.

Oh and speaking of Crimbo, I really have to get my act together on that one.  Presents to buy etc.  Also tree to erect and decorate!  I love my tree and I always buy a new decoration (or 10) every year.  This year I have bought six new ones so far… Last year I got the tree up and decided that it needed more lights – so tottered up to The Warehouse and splashed out on another set.  Tree now has three sets of lights.  Oooh! Pretty!

Enough waffle! 😐


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And Whooo Hooo!

Today I joined a Kiwi Kiss class and I am now “officially” ‘doing’ it.  I reluctantly got on the scale but was pleasantly surprised to find out that my weight is now 83.3 kg!  This means that I have lost 1.2kg since I started last Monday. WOW.  All this refusal of alcohol and eating properly is definitely working.

The class was really worth going to.  Carolyn Gibson is a real motivator – so enthusiastic and friendly!  There was a lady there today that had lost over 64kg!  It has taken her 6 years, but losing it gradually like she has, has been really sensible.  She could lose more weight as she is still quite a large lady, but as Carolyn put it, “Even if she (the lady) never loses another gram, she is still a total success as she is keeping her weight down and not gaining any more”.

I must admit, when I first saw this lady (she got on the scale before me and had lost 1.5kg!) I thought to myself (rather bitchily) “Hmmm yes, easy for her to lose weight as she has more to lose than me and everyone knows that the bigger you are, the bigger your losses are, and it’s probably her first week anyway…”   Well how WRONG was I???  I felt so bad after I heard this lady’s long road to success.  I mentally chastised myself  for being such a judgemental cow!

I have decided that this lady should be my role model.  Someone to admire and look up to.  Someone who is positive about where her life is going.  And someone who is very brave to stand up and tell us about her weight loss today.  This is not a usual thing in the class, but Carolyn asked her to tell this class about how much weight she had lost as she normally goes to a different class. 

We get a recipe too!  Today was a yummy potato salad with mint and asparagus.  They make it in the class so you can try it.  I love this!  Then at the end of the class Carolyn took me aside and explained how the food plan works and the menu planner sheets and the allowances etc.  I told her I have some of her books and was finally enrolling in a class, so I knew a fair bit about the Kiwi Kiss Diet already.  Roll on next week!

Oh and also there was another lady there that has reached her goal weight.  She had lost 25 kg.  You would never have known she had ever been overweight.  Marvellous.  She was presented with a lovely pot plant.  Hope that is me someday!  In FACT it WILL be me someday!

Very positive vibes today! 🙂

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Don’t know what I was thinking of this morning, but I actually caught a glimpse of my naked, lumpy and pale body in the mirror whilst drying myself after my shower …Yuk!

Now, I usually try to avoid this situation, but I thought that taking a GOOD look at myself in this state, may encourage me when tempted to have another glass of wine/beer/gin/vodka/rum/insert other alcohol here.  So sucking in the tummy, I stood upright and faced my demons.  Not much I can do to disguise the thighs, but on closer examination of my “muffins”* – aka “love handles”, I decided that gravity was also a problem in this area.

You see, if you place your hands where your ribcage is (if you aren’t too sure because like me you can’t find your ribs under all the blubber – just guess roughly where they should be) and pull upwards towards your head, the “muffins” reduce dramatically in size!  Now if only I could hold this “muffin lift” in place by using duct tape somehow, then I would look thinner! Be warned tho’, when I let go, the wobble from my tummy was  enough to set off a giant tsunami if I had been doing this little excercise in the sea!

Oh dear…

Enough rambling.  It’s lunch time…. Yippeee!!! 🙂

BTW. This weeks Blog is proudly brought to you by the letter “Y” <big grin>

* For those who are blissfully unaware of why these lumps are called “muffins”, it’s cause the fat hangs out over the top of your pants like a muffin that has overflowed from the baking tray. 😉

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Whoo Hoo!  Got on the scales this morning and I am down 500 grams!  This is a good start.  That is one pack of butter off…

I did try hard this weekend and food-wise I was almost perfect (except for the small tablespoon of ice-cream with my strawberries..) – But as per usual, my alcohol intake was excessive <sigh>.  I have decided that perhaps I should also join AA and perhaps that way I would achieve my diet goal far quicker!  But I guess that would be drastic measures.

I found a place today that sells Diet Irn Bru, so I treated myself to a few cans, so guess what is replacing my glass of wine tonight?  I’m actually looking forward to it. 🙂

I am quite pleased with myself.  Hope this week I can lose the same again!

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So then she fell off the Wagon!

Well, actually it was the deck!!! Well, not quite… I’ll explain…

It was such a gorgeous afternoon yesterday that after work I decided to sit out on my deck and laze a bit in the sun before dinner.  Dinner was going to be easy as hubby was away overnight in Wellington and Big Son was coming home after Seven-a-Side soccer to have dinner with me before going back to his place over at Mt. Wellington.  I had a nice smoked chicken salad all ready and was just having a nice laze on the deck when it suddenly occurred to me that there were some “new” beers lurking in the fridge downstairs.

These “new” beers are low carb and I bought a six pack a couple of weeks ago for just such an afternoon with the gorgeous afternoon sun warming my poor tired bones and a book in hand for company. (Currently reading Au Revoir: Running Away from Home at Fifty by Mary Moody).  So I thought I’d have one to celebrate the arrival of summer.  BIG mistake!

When Big Son finally arrived at 8pm, I was on my third and I HAD to have another one with him.  This left one poor lonely bottle in the fridge – which I hasten to add, is ACTUALLY still there!

So! Hence it was the deck and the weather’s fault that I “fell off the wagon”.  Yeah, Right! Well I have to blame anyone or anything but myself…

I have just blown my whole alcohol allowance in one day and it’s not even the weekend yet.  Gosh, is there ANY hope for me???

But today is a new day…

Started well with brekkie and will have a yummy salad and salmon filled pita bread planned for lunch.  Still wondering what to have for dinner.  Ah and it’s raining – so no chance of quaffing the last bottle in the sun tonight! 😉

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So… It’s Tuesday!

Well, so far so good!  No alcohol passed the lips last night, just a Diet Bundeberg Lemon, Lime and Bitters!  Wow, think the body got a shock – In fact, I’m sure it did!

So far today I HAD to eat at Burger King for lunch, but made sure I had a grilled chicken burger (and scraped off most of the mustard dressing) and a side salad (that was disgusting!) and a diet Pepsi (also disgusting!).  My companion, whom I shall throughout this Blog from now on refer to as MM, decided that everything was tasting horrible as I had finally sobered up after going without alcohol for one night!


The quest to be slim continues….

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It’s Monday! Today I start!

Well, here I am.

I “hit the wall” yesterday and decided that this is it!  Time to do some thing about all this weight that is accumulating on my body.

It is just too sad to tell the whole sordid story, but to put it in a nutshell, I am at the heaviest I have ever been in my life and SOMETHING has to be done about it!  I have tried Weight Watchers Online – lost nothing (got too lost and confused)… and The Sonoma Diet Online – which was too much like hard work.  So have got out my Kiwi Kiss and Middle Age Spread books and am absolutley determined to lose at least 4kg before Christmas.  I need to lose 20kg, but I am setting myself small targets so that I don’t feel like it is too much to lose all at once.

 I think I will reward myself when I get down to 80kg by doing something special – not sure what yet, but even losing ANY weight would be a bonus so that I can start feeling more comfortable in my clothes…<sigh>

Well, this morning I weighed 84.5kg. I am only going to weigh myself once a week, so hopefully next Monday will see me weighing lighter.

I have been very “good” so far today.  It is late afternoon and I have made it so far.

Can I resist my usual glass or two of wine before dinner…. Sure I can!  After all, it is only day one….;-)

Wish me luck!

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